A Consulting Mindset

A Consulting Mindset

Ever heard the phrase “Think outside the bowl”, it doesn’t have to be just for Entrepreneurs or if you are trying to achieve something big, this is true for even the smallest task you are trying to complete. As a life of a developer, our focus is always to complete the task assigned to us and we focus on completing that task as soon as it is assigned to us without understanding the overall business requirement around that task, which is a typical developer mindset we all start with.

To make a difference, Developers should understand the business requirements around the task assigned and if possible understand the end-to-end flow that needs that implementation, this is what we call a consulting mindset.

At GVMantra, we do not have a role of a developer but we prefer to call our team as technical consultants and encourage them to challenge the requirements when assigned to them and come up with better ways to deliver a requirement instead of forcing the ways to deliver a requirement in a given specific way.

Keeping an open mind while understanding a requirement before delivering it, comes with several benefits:

– The consultant delivering the requirement is in a better position to deliver it with a quality output as they know the end-to-end scenario and can use the best possible tool needed to deliver it i.e. Code, Flows, PBs etc

– The consultant can do a better job testing the requirement end to end before handing it over to the customer.

– Questioning back the customer on a requirement gives a positive impression showing that the team is capable enough of delivering it and increases the level of client confidence in the team. Asking more questions is better than delivering something wrong.

– Consultant gets more experience in understanding how business works and helps them in their understanding and growth in that domain.

Never be shy to ask questions and understand the use case end to end, no matter what your role is in the Project.