Learning is the Key

Learning is the Key

Henry Ford once said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Continuously upskilling your Salesforce skills is as important as doing your day job, in this ever-changing environment. At times, it gets difficult to assign dedicated time for learning and following the latest features launched by Salesforce. Here are five tips that can be used to make sure you are improving your skillsets with time:

– Learning needs motivation and the easiest way to do it is to work in a group, it can be a group of colleagues or friends who share the same technology. With Salesforce, Trailhead is a gem of a learning platform. Do a catchup every week with your group and check who has done the most badges and earned the maximum points that week. Also, everyone can point to some important points they have learned in the last week.


– Join developer groups. Developer groups not only help with the topics you are stuck with but also gives you an experience of real-world problems. Try to spend some committed time every day or in a week to help resolve as many issues as possible. It can help explore a vast variety of features even if you are not working on them.


– Follow social media wisely. You may not have ample time but there are people devoted to this cause, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and you’ll get to know more about the latest and fascinating topics. Find the list of Salesforce MVPs, and Certified Architects and follow them on different platforms, there is a lot to acquire from them.


– Follow Release Notes. Ensure to spend a few hours when a release note is made public, which is three times a year. Understanding the new features helps with your current implementations and you can show off your knowledge in front of your colleagues and clients. If you miss it, follow people on social media who publish the key features of the release notes, but knowing what’s changing in the platform is a must.


– Prioritize learning. Time is the biggest excuse given for not spending time learning new things. We need to make sure we dedicate some time from our busy routine towards growing our skillset. There can be times when we are burning the midnight oil but most of the time it’s all about prioritizing it.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll see the difference, always remember Knowledge is power and the only thing that you never lose.